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WTX4 Isolated Stackable DAQ Module

Isolated Stackable DAQ Module The WTX4 is a Data Acquisition and Control module that is available in various different versions that provide a wide assortment of input and output combinations. Each WTX4 unit is comprised of four individual sub units which can be a mix of the following different types of I/Os.

DIGITAL INPUT Used to read the on/off states of dry contacts for switches, proximity sensors, optical encoders, TTL level pulses, NPN or PNP sensor outputs, etc. Can also count event pulses, measure the RPM of a rotating shaft, or track the position of a quadrature encoder.

DIGITAL OUTPUT Used for TTL level outputs, or high current open collector outputs to control the on/off states of relays, solenoids, magnetic latches, flow valves, DC motors, etc. Provides PWM control signals as well as Timer outputs.

ANALOG INPUT Used to read the voltages from pressure transducers, load cells, strain gages, temperature sensors, 4-20 mA devices, potentiometer positions, etc.

ANALOG OUTPUT (coming soon) Used to output DC control voltages to machinery that requires a 10V control signal. Includes an internal automatic ramp generator with trapezoidal or S-curve shaped slope profiles.

THERMOCOUPLE INPUT (coming soon) Used to read the voltages from types J, K, T, E thermocouples and convert it to absolute temperature using a built-in high-order polynomial equation.


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Digital Inputs
WTX4-AAAA 32 Digital Inputs $326
WTX4-AAAB 24 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs $339
WTX4-AABB 16 Digital Inputs, 16 Digital Outputs $352
Digital Outputs
WTX4-BBBB 32 Digital Outputs $378
WTX4-BBBA 24 Digital Outputs, 8 Digital Inputs $365
WTX4-AABB 16 Digital Outputs, 16 Digital Inputs $352
Analog Inputs
WTX4-CCAC 12 Analog Inputs, 8 Digital Inputs $488
WTX4-CCBC 12 Analog Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs $501
WTX4-CCAA 8 Analog Inputs, 16 Digital Inputs $434
WTX4-CCBB 8 Analog Inputs, 16 Digital Outputs $460
WTX4-CCAB 8 Analog Inputs, 8 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs $447


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