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Weeder Technologies
90-A Beal Pkwy NW
Fort Walton Beach FL 32548

Established: 1989
DUNS: 969723154

Data Module

A Data Module refers to any of the Stackable Data Modules offered by Weeder Technologies. These are small low-cost DAQ cards which can be plugged together end-to-end on a single cable attached to a PC or Laptop. Up to 32 different cards can be used on the same computer port simultaneously. Thus allowing the user to select any combination of features needed for their application and to expand with additional features when necessary. Below is a list of available modules.

Digital I/O Module 14 I/O channels individually configured for input or output. Each channel uses standard TTL level signals, no protection. Automatic decoding of 4x4 matrix keypad.
Digital Input Module 8 wide range digital input channels with high voltage transient protection. 2 high current open collector outputs with automatic overload shutdown.
Digital Output Module 8 high current open collector outputs with automatic overload shutdown. 2 wide range digital input channels with high voltage transient protection.
Solid State Relay Module 5 optically isolated solid state relays can be wired directly to in-circuit buttons and switches to allow software control of their operation. Built-in sequence generator.
Relay Controller Module Used as the host to the Solid State Relay Module. Switches wired to it's inputs will control the on/off states of the WTSSR relays via a remote data link.
Analog Output Module 4 analog output channels which can span from -10.00 to +10.00 VDC using 0.01 volt resolution. Built in S-Curve and Trapezoidal ramp generator with Pause switch input.
Programmable Analog Input 4 differential input channels programmable to read voltages and convert them to direct engineering units of choice. 20-bit A/D resolution and input range that spans +10V to -8V with protection to 40 volts.
Thermocouple Input Module 4 differential input channels that accept types J, K, T, E ungrouded thermocouples and read temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Inputs protected to 40 volts.
Pulse Counter/Timer Module Read the Frequency of an input signal from 0.50000 Hz to 1,400,000 Hz using 5 digit resolution throughout the entire range. Can also read RPM, Period or Duty Cycle.
Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver Drives a unipolar stepper motor which is rated between 8-30 VDC. Up to 1250 pps step rate. Single phase, dual phase, and half step drive modes.
Bipolar Microstep Motor Driver Drives a bipolar stepper motor using constant current chopper regulation. Up to 10,000 pps step rate and 64 microsteps per step. User programmable drive current and idle reduction current.
Multi-Drop Peripheral Interface Attach multiple RS232 devices (such as bar code scanners) to the same serial port of a PC. Up to 32 devices can share the same communications line without interference.